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South Dakota Beef

You don't have to wonder where your beef comes from. You have a choice. EcoSun Prairie Farms is now offering grass-raised beef for sale. Seventy-five Black Angus x Hereford cross yearling heifers have been grazing since mid-May (175 days) on the restored grasslands of the Prairie Farm south of Brookings, in eastern South Dakota. The cattle grew up on the restored 20,000 acre Mortenson Ranch west of the Missouri River near Eagle Butte, South Dakota. The Mortenson family was awarded the prestigious Aldo Leopold Conservation Award for 2011, so you know these cattle have had great care and great grass. We've picked out the best heifers to sell.

Beef from grass pasture or feedlot?


Evidence is mounting that the healthiest meat to eat comes from free-range animals raised on grass pastures (Mother Earth News). Not only is the meat healthier, but the animals are too. Meat from animals "finished" on grass for the six weeks before slaughter contains significantly more omega-3, poly-unsaturated fatty acids than meat from grain (British Journal of Nutrition 2011). Eating as little as three portions of grass-raised meat per week (18 ounces cooked) can increase the blood levels of these good, protective fats as much as some fish oils. Pasturing longer than 6 weeks may further raise dietary omega-3 blood levels. In short, grass pasturing meats are leaner and contain proportionally more of many important nutrients that relate to good health.

Why EcoSun Beef?

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Your purchase of beef from EcoSun Prairie Farms will help us prove that the public wants more from our land than grain, including ecosystem goods and services such as prairie wetlands; tall, waving grasses and colorful flowers; clean surface and groundwater; climate protection through carbon sequestration in soil; high quality forage; healthful meats; native plant seed; diverse wildlife; and biofuel feedstock.

The Product

Beef Cuts

2014 EcoSun Prairie Farms Prairie Raised Beef Price List (Add 6% sales tax)
Bundles: Approximate proportions of burger (60%), steaks (20%), roasts (20%). Substitutions in bundles can be made from A La Carte offerings below.
A La Carte: Minimum order is 10 lbs. unless added to beef bundles (40 pound bundle, quarter, half, whole).

Stew Meat

1 lb. packages

Sirloin steak

0.5-1.0 lb. packages

Summer Sausage

1.3 pound packages


0.5-1.0 lb. packages

Fillet steak

0.3-0.5 lb. packages

T-Bone steak

0.5-0.8 lb. packages


1.4 pound packages

Burger (93% lean)

1 pound packages

Roasts (sirloin, rump, chuck, arm)

2-4 lb. packages

40 Pound Bundle

$410.00 = $10.25/lb

Quarter Beef Bundle (75 lbs)

$750.00 = $10.00/lb

Half Beef Bundle (150 lbs)

$1,462.50 = $9.75/lb

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Prairie-Raised Beef

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